On July 20, 2023, in Varamin, Tehran province, a 29-year-old woman named Fariba was stabbed to death by her husband, who reported the murder to the police via phone. He claimed his motive stemmed from discovering his wife's alleged infidelity, stating, "Fariba and I got married four years ago, and although we had our differences, they were not so great that I would want to kill her. Until a few months ago, when I became aware of her suspicious behavior, I was subtly watching her. To my disbelief, I realized that she was having suspicious relationships, not only with my sister's husband but also with my acquaintance. I was deeply shocked and warned her to be careful about her behavior. But when I saw that she did not stop these actions, I stabbed her with a knife."
It's important to note that the veracity of the husband's account is questionable due to the unjust legal system in Iran. In Iran, citing "honor" as a motive for killing a female family member often results in lenient punishment, with honor killings typically carrying a sentence of just 3 years in prison. Furthermore, if the victim's family forgives the murderer, no punishment is imposed. In this instance, Fariba's family is not forgiving, and they are demanding the death penalty for the murderer in court.
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