On June 15, 2023, in Abadan, a 23-year-old man surrendered to the Velayat Police Station at 10:30 PM, holding a bloody knife and admitting to the decapitation of his 19-year-old wife, Fatemeh Barhi, due to allegations of infidelity. He reported leaving her head near the Bahmanshir River in the Bahar 56 area. The suspect, who is also Barhi's cousin, claimed that a year after their wedding, Barhi had left with another man. He located her in Mashhad after a year-long search, forgave her, and brought her back to Abadan. However, under familial pressure, he murdered her by the river through stabbing and decapitation.
Further details revealed that Barhi's father-in-law, also her uncle and a professional drug dealer, and her brother-in-law had previously been involved in violent domestic incidents. Barhi's aunt had sought divorce from her husband, who had been sentenced to life for decapitating his wife over similar accusations of infidelity.
Barhi, forced into the marriage, had fled to Mashhad with a friend, living covertly until found by her husband. Fearing a violent end like her sister's, Barhi's father considered poisoning her to escape, a plan thwarted by her mother. Following her return to Abadan, her husband committed the murder and decapitation, subsequently turning himself in. Barhi's body was sent to forensic medical services, with ongoing investigations into the case.
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