On August 30, 2021 in Lorestan, western Iran, 16-year-old Mobina Soori was killed in a suspected honor killing by her family members. According to reports from the state-run Rokna News Agency, rumors of an illicit relationship led to her death. Locals conveyed that suspicions arose after a false claim was made about a man entering her home while her husband was present. Family members, including Mobina's uncles, brother, and her husband's relatives, allegedly planned and executed her murder, suffocating her with a scarf to make it appear as though she had committed suicide. Following the incident, the police detained Mobina’s husband, who is also her cousin, on murder charges. Despite his denial and claims that Mobina had committed suicide, police and local authorities indicated that the murder stemmed from family disputes. The Governor of Rumeshkan later reported that Mobina’s husband had confessed to the crime, leading to the release of eight other family members initially arrested in connection with the murder. This case highlights ongoing issues with child brides and honor killings in the region, where young women are forced into marriage and are often victims of violence for actions perceived as bringing disgrace to their families. Under Iranian law, those convicted of honor killings typically face sentences of 10 years or less.
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