February 2, 12-year-old Rahil from the village of Serkhon in Hormozgan province was woken around 10:30 at night by her 19-year-old brother, Mohammed. He took her on a motorcycle ride, purportedly to visit a sewing store. However, about 6 kilometers from the village, Mohammed gruesomely severed Rahil's head with a machete, wrapping her body in a blanket and abandoning it in the desert.
Returning to the village, Mohammed attempted suicide by cutting his wrist. Found unconscious the next morning, drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes littered the scene. Rushed to the hospital, when questioned about Rahil, he simply murmured, "God bless Rahil."
Mid-February saw Rahil's body discovered. Mohammed confessed to the murder, citing "honor" and rumors about Rahil circulated by villagers. However, locals deny maligning Rahil.
The calculated nature of the murder raises concerns, with reports suggesting Mohammed practiced slaughtering sheep beforehand. His history of drug addiction led to rehab, as the police continue investigating.
While Mohammed cites "honor," demons, and shame, it raises suspicions of potential sexual abuse. In many honor killings, victims have suffered such abuse, prompting speculation Mohammed sought to silence Rahil.
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