On June 14, 2020 in Kerman, south central Iran, a 22-year-old woman named Reyhaneh Ameri was reportedly killed by her father in what is being described as an honor killing. Ameri was allegedly struck in the head with an iron bar by her father following her late arrival home at around 11:30 PM the previous night. She is believed to have survived the initial attack but succumbed to her injuries approximately 24 hours later.
The Deputy Police Chief of Kerman reported that the attack occurred in a moment of anger, leading to fatal injuries. According to Reyhaneh's sister, when she visited their parents' home the following morning and received no response, she entered to find the house disordered and waited for her parents. Her father arrived first but quickly fled upon realizing his daughter’s suspicions.
Later, when Reyhaneh's mother arrived, they discovered Reyhaneh's room with blood-soaked clothing and blood splatters on the walls. Police were called to the scene, where they found blood traces leading to the father's car. They used his mobile phone signal to locate and arrest him in a nearby village. Initially, he denied knowledge of his daughter’s whereabouts. However, later that night, around 11 PM, he allegedly confessed to the murder.
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